Air Pollution Control

SO2/SO3 Measurements

The measurement of the concentration of sulfur dioxide in flue gas is a common measurement utilized by several commercial analyzers. However, the determination of sulfur trioxide concentrations can only be accomplished accurately by employing the Controlled Condensation Method. For more than 40 years, Southern Research has employed this method of measurement primarily because the technique provides for accurate determination of sulfur trioxide and sulfur dioxide simultaneously.

Testing Methodology

In dirty flue gas environments, we use an inertial separation probe (QSISTM) to prevent the gas stream from passing through a dustcake layer where SO3 removal might occur. A hot-gas dilution system is incorporated with the QSIS™ probe to ensure accurate measurement of vapor phase SO3 in flue gas streams below the acid dew point, such as those found downstream of wet scrubbers. In addition, Southern Research has developed techniques to quantify the portion of SO3 attributable to ammonium bisulfate formation, which is likely downstream of SCR deNOx systems. We have the experience and technical skill to perform accurate SO3 testing in these environments.

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